Water biodiversity conservation policy on the cards

DHANGADI– Chure Rural Municipality of Kailali district has decided to move ahead by formulating a policy related to the conservation of biodiversity in coordination with ‘Pani’ Project.

As the formulation of policy related to the conservation of biodiversity is necessary, the Chure Rural Municipality, during a discussion on ‘Pani’ organised by the Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists, (NEFEJ) has also committed to move ahead in coordination with the Project.

Chure Rural Municipality Vice-Chairperson Deepa Devi Saud said the implementation of the policy has been started by keeping the works of protecting the water sources of all the six wards of the Rural Municipality in priority. She said the conservation of water sources in the Chure Rural Municipality is necessary as they go dry during the dry season.

Saying that the environment plays instrumental role in human life, Vice-Chairperson Saud has committed to stop open grazing along with the conservation of environment. Federation of community Forestry Users Nepal (FECOFUN) Province 7 member Lok Bahadur Saru Magar said the concerned authority should pay attention to the effects of natural environment while constructing the roads as the road construction and deforestation are some of the reasons behind drying up water sources.

Saying that there are 31 communist forests in Chure Rural Municipality, he said the open grazing should be managed as it has been affecting the environment. Locals of Chure Rural Municipality have been facing acute shortage of water during the dry season.

Thuligad Irrigation Water Consumers Committee Kaphalgaira Chairman Yogendra Shah said the locals should take the initiative to conserve the water sources as the traditional water sources have been drying up due to various reasons.

Shah said the policy related to the biodiversity conservation is necessary along with the conservation of water sources as the water sources are drying up due to lack of protection.  Residents of Phaltude Bazaar of Chure-6 have been bearing the brunt of water sources for the past many years. Bagaichula Lifting Drinking Water Project has been implemented for the one year to resolve the problem of drinking water in the Bazaar area. Ward Chairman Prem Saud said they are expecting that the drinking water project will start from this fiscal year.

He expressed his belief that the women won’t have to wake up early in the morning to fetch water from the river after the completion of the drinking water project with the solar technology.

Rural Municipality Vice-Chairpeson Saud expressed her commitment to formulate and implement biodiversity and environment conservation policy by allocating necessary budge in all six wards of Chure. At the water source conservation program organized by Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists earlier, Chure Ward 3 chairman Tek Bahadur Shah said the program made them aware about to need to conserve the issues linked with environment.   Chure Ward-1 Chairman Hukum Bohara underlined the need to disseminate the information related to water biodiversity. “The people should be made aware about the conservation of environment and water bioversity,” he says.

At the Water Interaction (Pani Chhalphal) program, the elected representatives of Chure Rural Municipality pledged 3-point commitment and prior to this they had signed 10-point commitment. Project member Gajendra Singh, local elected representatives, other stakeholders, locals and journalists were present during the program organised by Amrita KC.

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