Bharatpur metropolis getting free of mercury

Chitwan : Bharatpur metropolitan city is becoming free of mercury as the campaign for the same initiated for the past two years by Centre for Public Health and Environmental Development has reached the final stage.

All hospitals of the city have stopped using mercury following a direction, said executive director of the Centre Ram Charitra Sah, adding that the city would be declared free of the chemical element in this week.

Mercury can affect neuro, reproductive, digestive, respiratory systems and heart and kidney of the human, he said. It may also affect sleep of humans.

Now the hospitals are using digital thermometers and android blood pressure monitors over mercury-based the devices. Dental hospitals and clinics have also stopped using mercury following an agreement between the Centre and the Nepal Dental Association in this regard, said Sah.

Except in hospitals, the element is used in manufacturing dolls, colors, battery and electric bulbs. RSS

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