‘Make Mount Everest top issue of Sagarmath Sambad’

The government has started preparations to operate a yearly program named ‘Sagarmatha Sambad’ with an objective to hold a discourse every year on the burning of the time across the world.

To hold such interaction is a positive step on itself. Influenced by the regional and international interactions, the government has decided to conduct this kind of program. But the government has not yet decided what kind of issues should be included in the interaction. It is indispensable to hold sufficient discussions with the experts. What will happen if Nepal holds interaction on international relations and politics? Discussions are being held on from various sides. What are the international issues that we should face at present? Obviously, economic development is our first priority. On top of that, sustainable development or environmental conservation and economic development will also be other major issues. What are our priority among them?

The main issue that we need to raise at present is the melting of snow due to climate change. If we don’t raise or discuss this issue immediately than this issue will be in the shadow. The need of the hour is to raise the issue of Mount Everest which made Nepal famous in the world. This issue has drawn the attention of the world. Other countries and institutions have been raising this issue but the government of Nepal has not given much attention. The government seems bent on building infrastructure haphazardly in the name of prosperity. What we believe is that the government with the mandate to rule the country for five years should think about long-term development.

Mount Everest drew the attention of the world this time, especially due to traffic jam and deaths. The government’s claim was true that the death of climbers on the Mount Everest this season was not only caused by the traffic jam. But traffic jam may create various problems because of which there will a high possibility of deaths and people falling ill.

What cause traffic jam on the Mount Everest? There is a small window or appropriate time for climbing Mount Everest when the temperatures get warmer. It has become tougher to predict weather in Himalayas due to climate change and other reasons. It is essential to hold a discourse on this kind of environmental issue.

We have to provide true information about the Mount Everest which has drawn attention of the world and should correct the past mistakes. Seventy years have already been passed since the Everest expedition commenced commencement of Everest expedition. How the condition has changed from the first expedition till today? There is lack of serious study and evaluation. What was the condition then? What are the things that had changed? How to resolve the problem of increasing challenges? It is high time to discuss these kind of issues in the presence of experts from around the world.

It is necessary to hold discussions on the issue about the steps the government should take to formulate regulations. Moreover, the number of fake climbers has also increased. Apart from that the issue of pollution has surfaced as a major issue.

Snow has been melting rapidly due to climate change on the Mount Everest. Dead bodies of the climbers have been surfacing on the way to the Mount Everest due to the melting of snow. We can’t deny the fact that the Mount Everest will be without snow if the trend continues.

There is also need of specialized equipment that could forecast the weather of Mount Everest.  We can also take help from the international agencies. Hence, we stressed that the government should raise the issue of Mount Everest during the first ‘Sagarmatha Sambad’.

Mount Everest is ours. It is our responsibility to protect it. That is why it is necessary to have international discussions on what can we do to protect the Mount Everest. The Nepal government itself should take the leadership of such interaction that will hold discussion on the issue of Mount Everest. And we should disseminate about it to the world.

It will send positive message at the international level if we can do this. We request that the ‘Sagarmatha Sambad’ should begin with the issue of Mount Everest instead of wasting time in discussing other issues.

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