In Pictures : Tihar laughs in flowers

Kathmandu—Flower is an integral part of all Hindu rituals and practices.

However, flower has a special place in Tihar, festival of light. Tihar is enjoyed with a variety of food, display of light-works, colors of blessings and flowers like marigold (Sayapatri) and globe amaranth (Makhamali).
As Tihar begins, we can see gardens full of marigolds and other flowers. Flowers that have been planted three months ago are now ready to pluck. This flower has a specialty that it does not wilt for a long time even after it has been plucked from the main plant, even that it is kept away from sunlight.

Makhamali has a great storage property so it can be stored for even a year. On the other hand, Sayapatri is a very beautiful and valuable flower. Not only in Bhai Tika, is Sayapatri used in each day of Tihar for decoration purpose. Garlands of Sayapatri is used to decorate houses in Tihar. As well as the flower is used to worship Hindu deities especially Goddess Laxmi, the god of Wealth and Prosperity on the occasion of Deepawali.


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