These photos show how haphazard development has destroyed our environment 

kathmandu : The country has been witnessing a rapid growth of road construction and other development works throughout in recent time. However, the hills that once looked green and beautiful are being destroyed by the construction works.

Works are being carried to cut down the hills in the name of constructing the roads. The roads, which were dug up especially in the districts adjoining the Kathmandu valley in the name of development, have not only destroyed the hills, which used to look green, have been wearing a deserted look due to the massive felling of trees.

All the local levels in the country have been connected with road networks at present. District and village-based roads along with agricultural roads are connected with local road networks.

Local road networks include district and village roads, including agricultural roads. As most of these village roads are constructed haphazardly by the local communities, they do not follow the necessary technical standard or the measures to minimize the environmental risk.

As a result, the incidents of landslides and other environmental impacts have been increasing owing to such roads. Though, it is a positive news that every village in the country is connected with roads, the hills are wearing a deserted look due to random construction of roads.

Hakahaki photojournalist Amish Regmi has captured some photos of the damage caused by haphazard construction of roads from Kathmandu to Dhading, Nuwakot and Rasuwa.

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