Parshuram Municipality builds embankments, plants trees to control floods and landslides

DADELDHURA : Parshuram Municipality in Dadeldhura has been constructing embankments and planting trees every year to control floods, inundation and erosion in Rangun, among other rivers, Municipality Chief Bhim Bahadur Saud said.

Municipality and wards have been giving continuation to the works of constructing the embankments and planting the trees after the floods and landslides swept away the arable lands.

During the Paani discussion organized by the Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (Nefej) in Jogbuda, Municipality Chief Saud said, “There is a huge problem of floods in the municipality as it is close to Chure. The problem of floods and landslides has been controlled in recent time due to the conservation of forest. In addition to that, this area has been protected as the embankment has been constructed on both the sides of Rangun watershed.”

Saying that Rangun along with Pantura and other rivers have been eroding the arable lands, he said that the works to construct embankments in those rivers have also been taken ahead by seeking budget from province and federal governments.

Addressing the demands raised by the flood victims, he said that the Municipality has not been able to carry out big projects due to limited resources.

He also said that the flood victims of Simal Khet, who were displaced by the floods of Pantura and Rangun Rivers in 2003, have been demanding proper compensation from the concerned authority.

During the Paani discussion, the participants discussed the problems triggered by the floods, landslides and erosion. They said that the habitats of fish were also ruined by the floods.

Speaking at the program, the Municipality Chief said that 61 households of Simal Khet, then ward 2 of Parshuram Rural Municipality, were displaced by the floods of 2003, 2007 and 2008.

Though the floods victims had sought proper compensation from the government time and again in the past, their demand has not been addressed yet.

Locals said that they are not facing problem of floods currently like in the past due to tree plantation. Speaking at the program, Assistant Forest Officer at the Parshuramdham Sub-Division Forest Officer Dipendra KC said that works are being carried out by keeping tree plantation on a high priority.

“Now, we are conserving forest by forming 93 forest groups. We are planting trees in one to two-hectare embankment area under the Parshuramdham Sub-Division Forest Officer every year and works are being carried out by putting Chure area on top priority,” he said.

Speaking at the same program, Bhagwati Community Forest Chairman Min Bahadur Bohara said that one of the major causes for floods and landslides is deforestation. The floods and landslides have been controlled for now due to the conservation of forest and regular plantation of trees.

Ward Chairman of ward 5 said that he has allocated budget to control landslides in his ward. He further said that the ward office has managed nets in those places which are at high risk of floods.

Saying that the community forests are being destroyed in the recent time due to fire, he said that the awareness should be raised among the people regarding the issue.

Municipality Chief Saud that the Municipality has been formulating policies for the conservation of aquatic animals. Floods and landslides victims, fishermen, ward chairmen of various wards, officials of community forests, police personnel and journalists, among others, were present in the program.

A three-point commitment was made during the program.

  1. Some areas of the river will be allocated to local communities or groups for the conservation of fish.
  2. Initiatives will be taken to urge the province and federal governments for the conservation of aquatic animals and to control the river.
  3. Monitoring will be intensified to manage watershed, forest fire and streams.
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