Radio Sagarmatha centered on COVID-19 issues

Program Presenter Samjhana Maharjhan and Urbarsi Basnyat

The first community radio of South Asia, Radio Sagarmatha 102.4, is carrying out its daily operation despite the pandemic situation. The radio has been broadcasting its contents for 16 hours daily. The radio staff has been raising awareness on COVID-19 pandemic and its effect upon the public from 6:00 am in the morning till 10:00 pm at night through its different programs effectively.

In the programs that are loved by most listeners, the radio has incorporated issues about COVID-19, its control measures and ways to prevent its transmission. The opinions from relevant organizations, experts, and government officials have been included in these programs. Apart from this, the radio programs have also tried to incorporate the measures adapted in other parts of the world for preventing this pandemic.

Program presenter Urbarsi Basnyat and Nabin Luitel

Through the below mentioned programs, Radio Sagarmatha has discussed about the economical, social, environmental and other problems created by the global pandemic. Additionally, the radio has also been broadcasting different roundtable discussions carried out by various organizations based on the current pandemic, programs carried out at local levels and public notices as well. Despite the ongoing lockdown, all the radio staff has been working regularly to deliver information about the current situation.

We are always eager to work in collaboration with you.

Radio Technician Subash Kandel

The list of major radio programs are as follows. We have been incorporating COVID-19 issues under these programs. We feel that radios are the easiest and the best medium to disseminate information in both cities and rural areas for the control and prevention of the pandemic.

1) Radio Khabar Patrika: This program is broadcast everyday from 6:00 am to 7:00 am. In this program, we read out the major national, international and editorials published in the national dailies. Likewise, this program also features discussions on relevant current issues in the “Bihani Kura” slot.

2) Radio Kurakani: This is a short section starting from 7:00 am till 7:10 am. This program is also broadcast every day of the week. This program is based on the testimony format rather than the typical radio format. In this program, experts from different sectors share their opinions.

Program Presenter Samjhana Maharjhan with guests

3) Haalchaal: Haalchaal is a news bulletin. It is broadcast for six times every day. The bulletin broadcast at 6:45 pm is 30 minutes long while other bulletins are broadcast for 15 minutes. The broadcast time for this program is listed below:
a) 8:45 am
b) 11:45am
c) 2:45 pm
d) 4:45 pm
e) 6:45 pm and
f) 9:45 pm

4) Aajaka Kura: The 40 minutes long program is broadcast every day after 8:00 pm. In this program, discussions and talks regarding the current issues are held. This program sheds light on the problems observed on the different social, economical, political and environmental issues. Along with this, the program also shows directions for its solutions. This program also advocates for policy dialogues.

5) Artha Dabali: This program is based on financial issues. It is broadcast every Tuesday at 7:30 to 8:00 am. This program raises issues on corruption and irregularities on financial matters.

6) Batabaran Dabali: Different environmental issues are raised through this program. This program is broadcast every Sunday at 7:30 to 8:00 am. This program raises issues on sustainable development, climate change, alternative energy and green energy. Through this program, advocacy, lobby and policy influencing is also done.

7) Munash: This program is produced with Nepal Bhasa. This program is broadcast everyday at 11:00 am to 11:40 am. In this program, Newari culture, language and literature are discussed. Along with this, songs sang in Nepal Bhasa are also aired.

8) Tamangkai: This program is produced with Tamang language. This program is broadcast every Saturday at 10:00 am to 11:00 am. In this program, Tamang culture, language, and literature are discussed. Along with this, talks, report and news are also given in Tamang language.

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