Colorful Manang

Photos : Amish Regmi / HakaHaki
Manang is a town situated in a Manang district of Nepal. It is one of the most popular trekking destination for foreigners and local alike.

Gangapurna peak and its beauty.

On the way to manang  we can encounter an arc of hill, which is also known as “swargadwari”(heven’s door).

Local people of manang collecting grass for their horses before winter season.

Most people of Manang believe in Buddhism and we can see prayer flags atop every other house.

Manang is one of the popular trekking sites of Nepal. Domestic and foreigner tourist flock this district in the main season.

Blue-sheep seen in the hills of Manang.

Colorful Manang.

Box houses of Manang.

Terrain seen on the way from Manang to Tilicho lake. Manang and Mustang is also known as the desert of Nepal.

Due to its weather and topography it is good place to grow sheep.

In to the stars.

Local kids of manang.

Religious plates and prayer wheels are seen on the way.

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